Bedrooms & Common Areas (floors; baseboards; window sills; doors; furniture; switch/outlet plates)

Kitchen (exterior cabinets, fridge, microwave, dishwasher & oven; countertop; floors; baseboards; sink; faucet; floors; window sills; doors; switch/outlet plates)

Laundry (exterior cabinets, washer and dryer; floors; doors; switch/outlet plates; window sills; baseboards)

Bathrooms (Exterior cabinets; tub/shower; toilet; floors; light fixtures, switch/outlet plates; counter; sink; faucet; mirror; baseboards; towel bars; linen closet; doors)




Bedrooms & Common Areas (everything in basic plus light fixtures; inside window glass; blinds; walls; ceiling; ceiling fans

Kitchen (everything in basic plus inside cabinets, fridge, microwave, oven; inside window glass and blinds; walls. Ceilings; light fixtures)

Laundry (everything in basic plus inside washer and dryer; inside window glass and blinds; walls; ceilings; light fixtures; inside cabinets)

Bathrooms (everything in basic plus inside cabinets/drawers & medicine cabinet; walls; ceilings; light fixtures; exhaust fan; inside window glass and blinds)


Cleaning Beyond Imagination:

Everything in Advanced plus:

Garage (floors; walls; ceiling)

Unfinished Basement (floors; walls; ceiling)

Front Porch Sweep

Driveway Sweep