How can we help you?

How do I create an account?

To request an account, you can click “Register” at Axium.signtraker.com and fill out the necessary information.  After a member of our team gets your account created, you will receive an email with your login details.  

Direct link to register below: 


My panels are currently being stored at another sign company. How do I switch to ListingPro?

If you are currently using another sign company and would like to switch to ListingPro, simply call or email your current sign company and grant us permission to pick up your inventory. A member of our team will work with you to schedule the most convenient time to pick up your inventory. After we pick up the panels, we will barcode each one and upload them into your online inventory. 

How do I get my panels to you?

We will go to your home, office, or another sign company to pick up your panels. If you prefer, you are welcome to drop them off at our office.  You can schedule a sign pick up by selecting “Order Other Service” in your SignTraker account. 

How will I know my username and password for my SignTraker account?

After you have requested an account, you will receive an email from SignTraker titled “Welcome to SignTraker”. Within this email, you’ll follow the link to set up your password and enter your account.   

Is there a storage fee?

ListingPro will store panels and riders at no additional cost for active accounts.  

When does my next-day order need to be completed?

All next day orders need to be placed and confirmed in your account before 4pm the day prior to service. 

What type of post do you use?

7’ commercial grade wood textured PVC yard arm. In addition to having a full-size cross arm, this post is the standard full height. There is no additional fee to use our yard arm. We prefer these posts to the wooden yard arms because they do not require a hole for installation leaving less scaring to the property and minimizing the risk for sprinkler line damage.  

What is your sprinkler line repair policy?

If we damage a sprinkler line our technicians are trained to repair them using repair kits stored in each van. If sprinkler line damage is observed please call us directly to correct the issue. We will no longer be responsible for any damages after a 3rd party has touched/repaired the area in question. 

How far apart do the holes and grommets need to be spaced to fit your post?

Holes should be about 18” apart 

What if I need my sign picked up/removed at a specific time?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate stops at a specific time. All routes are created based on location. The route is completed in the most time efficient manner necessary to complete all the services for the day.  

Can you complete same-day install and removal orders?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate same day installation/removal orders. Our routes are created and sent to the drivers the evening before so they can accurately plan for the day. All routes are created based on location. The route is completed in the most time efficient manner necessary to complete all the stops for the day. If a driver is asked to circle back to a location, it causes a delay for the rest of the route. All next day orders need to be submitted in your SignTraker account by 4pm the day prior to the service date. 

I'm not near a computer, can I call in my order over the phone?

Unfortunately, for quality assurance purposes, we cannot take installation orders over the phone. Please login to your SignTraker account and enter the information there. We released an updated version of the software so SignTraker is now mobile friendly! 

How will I know my sign was pickedup/removed?

After your service has been completed you will receive a confirmation email. Within this email, you will receive a photo of the service. You can also login and confirm an order status at any time by selecting “Current Installs” from within your account. 

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